HALF SISTERS by Virginia Franken

Publisher: Lake Union (Amazon)
Publication: June 2022
Book Agent: LP
Verve Team: LP

Ever since the death of her parents, Matilda has lived rent-free in her childhood home with her struggling music executive husband, Joseph. While it isn’t perfect, it’s in a small town perfect for raising a family, around the corner from her best friend Bee, and with their rocky finances, their only option. Matilda’s half-sister, Emily, is entitled to half the house, but no one has seen her in twenty years. When Joseph comes back from a business trip with Emily in tow, Matilda watches in horror as her relationships, job, and possible sanity start to unravel. But it’s when a carefully guarded secret from Matilda’s past finally surfaces, that she’s forced to contend with what happens when everyone around her realizes her carefully constructed life is based off a lie.